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"In the event of a medical emergency most people know to dial 999. But what about the times when you just want to be seen quickly? Maybe you're going away soon, have a big day coming up or simply wish to see a doctor urgently so that you can get on with life. DocTap has been designed for those occasions."

- Alex Hamilton, Co Founder
Appointments from £29

In the event of a medical emergency please dial 999 immediately. Do not book here.

Often we may search for an "emergency doctor" or "emergency GP" when it is not an actual life and death emergency, but when waiting for an NHS GP appointment would be a major inconvenience or discomfort. If that is your situation then DocTap can help you quickly, smoothly and affordably.

DocTap provide same day, face to face GP consultations from our clinics across London. Our expert doctors can issue prescriptions, provide specialist referrals, offer medical advise and arrange blood tests. Appointment prices are from £29 and can be booked online.

DocTap also have out of hours doctors available at weekends and evenings. Please view appointment times for availability of out of hours GP appointments.

98% of the 1633 patients who have reviewed DocTap would recommend us to their friends and family.
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Some reasons patients use DocTap for urgent GP appointments:

  • There is long wait to see your NHS GP
  • Wanting to see a doctor whilst working in central London
  • Requiring an urgent GP appointment whilst being on holiday in London
  • Needing to see a GP but not having yet had the opportunity to register with an NHS GP
  • Being too busy to wait in line at a walk in centre
  • Requiring the flexibility of a short notice appointment
  • Your NHS GP does not have Weekend or out of hours appointments
  • Not wanting to go to accident and emergency just to see a GP

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