Private GP Services

UK Accredited Doctors

At DocTap we provide many of the same services as an NHS GP surgery. We are also able to provide same day and last minute appointments from our London clinics. Our private GP consultations are scheduled for 15 minutes, significantly longer than the NHS. This gives your doctor more time to really understand you and your condition.

As a general practice surgery, DocTap is the ideal first port of call for most non emergency medical situations. Our highly experienced doctors will listen to your problem and in the majority of occasions, be able to make a diagnosis and recommend a plan to get you on the mend.

We believe in liberating highly qualified and motivated GPs from the constraints frequently placed upon them. They want to offer fantastic care for patients without having to rush or try to 'tick boxes'. In DocTap clinics their only focus is on addressing your concern.

Dr. Mark Jopling, Clinical Director

Occasionally your doctor may recommend further tests be carried out. Your doctor will either organise these for you privately or write a letter that you can take to your NHS GP to request. Should you need to be referred to a specialist, you will be issued with a referral letter explaining their diagnosis and reason for referral.

In the event that you require medication, your GP can issue private prescriptions which can be collected immediately from the pharmacy next door.

With prices from just £29, free prescription and referral writing and some of the best qualified private doctors in London, DocTap is the perfect solution when you need a same day or short notice doctor.

Further details of the services we offer are shown .

Doctors Appointments from £29