COVID-19 PCR Tests & Fit to Fly Certificates

Covid-19 Coronavirus PCR Tests

As a UKAS registered Covid-19 test provider listed on the government website, DocTap offers same day and next day Covid-19 PCR swab tests from our 20+ London locations. We understand how important it is to deliver a fast and reliable testing service, particular for travellers requiring a PCR test for flying. For this reason, all our tests are taken by a healthcare professional at one of our test centres and then taken to the laboratory by our in house couriers. For added peace of mind, patients receive regular email notifications throughout the testing process. All coronavirus PCR test results include both a test certificate from the laboratory and a doctor's letter. Our exceptionally close laboratory partnerships enable us to guarantee the timings for your results - or you will receive a full refund.

If you require a Day 2 & 8 test or Test to Release then please ensure you have selected the appropriate appointment type on the booking page. Whilst they are the same type of PCR test, it will only be valid for Day 2 & 8 or Test to Release if you selected that when booking.

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Covid-19 PCR Tests

Test Price Results
PCR Next Day from £79 Next day (by midnight)

Our most popular Covid-19 PCR test with guaranteed next day results (by midnight), or your money back. Save an extra £10 if purchased with another PCR test.

PCR Same Day from £124 Typically before midnight

Same day PCR results from 10+ locations across London. This is ideal for last minute travel or the added piece of mind which comes from receiving your results and certificate a couple of days before flying.  In the exceptionally unlikely event that you don't have your results by 2am that night we would refund your fee in full or give you a free 4 hour retest. Save an extra £10 if purchased with another PCR test.

PCR 4 hours from £149 Typically under 4 hours

Our fastest Covid-19 PCR test, available at London Bridge, Chelsea, Highbury and Islington and Heathrow airport.  There's no need to arrange a test days in advance of your flight.  Simply take your test at the airport entrance and have your results certificiate in your inbox a few hours later. This is a RT-PCR Randox test and is accepted by all countries.  Not flying today? That's fine, this test is available to anyone. Save an extra £10 if purchased with another PCR test.

Day 2 PCR from £79 Next day (by midnight)

Required for international arrivals.  Includes genetic sequencing of positive results to detect any variants of concern entering the country.

Day 8 Next Day from £79 (£69 as a package) Next day (by midnight)

Required PCR test for international arrivals. Quarantine guarantee: if you have not received your Day 8 results the next day (by midnight) we will offer you a free same day re-test.

Test to Release PCR Next Day from £79 (£69 as a package) Next day (by midnight)

Reduce your quarantine with guaranteed next day results (by midnight), or your money back.

Test to Release PCR Same Day from £124 (£114 as a package) Typically before midnight

Maximise the benefit of Test to Release with same day results. In the exceptionally unlikely event that your results are not back by 2am that night, we would refund you test fee in full and provide a retest if required.

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Why Choose DocTap Covid-19 Testing?

Widest range of Tests
20+ London clinics
Covid-19 tests from £39
4 hour PCR results
Doctor's certificate included
Money back results guarantee
Over 200,000 tests completed
Government approved provider

Covid-19 Test - FAQ


We are pleased to have the widest range and best priced Covid-19 tests of any London clinic.  Please visit the booking page for a full list of tests, prices and availability.  Some of our most popular tests are:

  • Day 2 & 8 (in clinic) - from £148 (bundle price)
  • PCR Test (next day) - from £79
  • PCR Test (same day) - from £124
  • PCR Test (~4 hours) - from £149
  • Antigen Test - from £39
  • Antibody Test - from £49

If you require mutliple PCR tests for your trip you will save £10 per test on the 2nd and any subsequent tests.

All tests are booked online here. Simply select Covid-19 Coronavirus Test / Fit to Fly.  Then choose the type of test which you require and it will show you all the clinic locations and times you can book. Different clinics offer different types of test, so you may wish to select a couple of different test types to find the most convenient location for you. PCR tests cost from £129 and point of care tests from £59. 

Should you require multiple tests for your trip then please book them all individually.  A £30 per test discount will automatically be applied to your 2nd and subsequent tests.

All our tests are carried out at one of our 20+ London clinics, staffed by healthcare professionals.  To select a location, simply visit the booking page and select Covid-19 Coronavirus Test / Fit to Fly.  Choose the type of test which you require and it will show you all the available clinic locations and times. Different clinics offer different types of test, so you may wish to select a couple of different test types to find the most convenient location for you.

You can change your test free of charge or cancel for a full refund so long as you have not yet taken the test.  We are not able to make changes or refunds after you have taken the test.  To change or cancel your test please log into your DocTap account. 

Please note that if you booked multiple tests as part of a package deal and choose to cancel the full price test, then the £30 discount you received on another test will not be refunded.

Simply book a test for the first member of your party.  Then repeat the process for another test, but on the payment screen enter the details of the second person.  Repeat for any other members of your party.

If you have accidentally booked multiple tests for the same person then don't worry, you will receive an automated email checking that this is what you wanted.  To make a change simply reply to the email with the second person's details. Please ensure we have the correct details before you take your test.

test details and timings

All our tests are taken by a healthcare professional.  PCR tests require a swab to be taken from the back of your throat and/or nose.  It can be a little uncomfortable but should not hurt.  Our 3 hour and same day tests taken a lab sites only require a sample from the back of your throat, which some people may prefer. You can choose which you prefer when booking your test.

Different airlines and countries have different requirements regarding when a test must be taken.  Many require a negative PCR test to have been carried out no more than 72 hours before a flight, but please check the government's foreign travel advice for your destination to establish their exact requirements. We have over 20 clinics across London offering same day and next day results.  We also have results in just 3 hours at our Healthrow Airport, London Bridge and Chelsea sites.  You can select your preference when you book your test

Please be aware that a very small proportion of tests will return an inconclusive result and will require retesting, which we would arrange free of charge.  We do therefore advise you take your test as soon as permitted for your trip.  For instance, if you require a test taken not longer than 72 hours before your flight at 1pm on 10th May, the optimal time to take your test would be at approximately 2pm on 7th May.  

The majority of countries require a PCR test. We offer PCR tests with both same day and next day results. This is the gold standard of Covid-19 testing. A few countries will accept antigen lateral flow tests, but please check the requirements for your destination country.

No. We are only able to offer tests for patient who do not have symptoms of Covid-19. You will be asked to confirm this on booking.  If you have symptoms please book an NHS test.

PCR is the PHE approved, gold standard Covid-19 test.  This is a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) reverse transcriptase real-time PCR swab. Whilst we are not aware of any countries not accepting our tests for border entry, please always check your exact requirements before booking.

When attending your appointment, please bring your booking reference number (in your confirmation email) and some photo identification.  Your ID needs to match the name that the booking is under.

We can carry out PCR tests on young children. Some healthcare professionals will not be comfortable taking a swab from very young children as it can be stressful for the child if carried out by someone they do not know.  If this is the case they will be able to assist and guide the parent to take a swab from the child.

We are unable to carry out antigen tests on children under 5 years old. Children under 5 should have a PCR test.

No. Given the critical importance of fast results and correct swab technique we do not entrust your test sample to the postal system.  All samples are taken in one of our 20+ London locations.  We then have our team of in house couriers who collect them to take to the laboratory. In this way we are confident we can offer the highest level of accuracy and reliability for your Covid test.

results and certificates

Different tests have different turnaround times.  These are explained at the time that you book your Covid-19 test.  You will receive your results and doctor's letter by email within the specified timeframe.  They will also be available to download from your DocTap portal at the same time.  We currently offer the following options for results:

  • PCR - 3 hours (Heathrow Airport, London Bridge and Chelsea only)
  • PCR - Same day by 11pm
  • PCR - Next day by 11pm
  • Antigen - 3 hours
  • Antibody (Instant) - 3 hours
  • Antibody (laboratory) - 3 days

Unfortunately we are unable to speed up your results once you have taken your test.  Therefore, if you need faster results, please change your appointment type to a faster service before taking the test. You can do this in your DocTap account portal.

You will receive your doctor's letter as soon as your results are ready. This will include:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Passport / ID
  • The test type. For PCR this will be: SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) RT-PCR Test
  • The date and time that the swab sample was collected
  • Confirmation that the swab was taken by a healthcare professional
  • The result and date
  • Confirmation from a doctor of your Covid test result and any appropriate actions to take.
  • Doctor's signature and GMC number
  • DocTap contract details and logo

For PCR tests you will also receive a separate results certificate produced by the laboratory themselves. This includes:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport / ID (if provided and VAT is paid on booking)
  • Test type & methodology
  • Sample reference
  • Sample collected date
  • Reported date
  • Results
  • Details of the laboratory

After taking your test you will receive an email explaining all the notifications you will receive as your test sample moves through the testing process, together with when can expect to receive them.  These vary a little depending on the exact test and location booked, but they are typically:

  • Your test is collected by our courier to take to the laboratory
  • The lab start testing your sample
  • Your results are ready

If you have not received a notification by the advised time then please do let us know and we shall look into it immediately.  If the notification is not yet due then please don't contact us as it will almost certainly still be being processed and we are unable to check up on tests until they are due.

No, you will still get your results in exacly the same timeframe, regardless of which day of the week  you have your test. Our laboratories and support team operate 7 days per week, including bank holidays.

Yes. Many countries require your passport number to be present on your test results certificate. You will be invited to enter your passport number or ID number on booking.  Alternatively, you can enter it at any time in your DocTap portal. It will then be shown on your test results certificate.

Once you have taken your test we are unable to speed up your results. We have integrated with our laboratory partners to ensure that you will automatically receive your results and doctor's certificate as soon a they are released by the laboratory.  If you have not yet taken your test, you can always change to a faster test if required.  We can provide results in 3 hours from our Heathrow, London Bridge and Chelsea lab sites, and by 11pm the same day from multiple London locations. To change your test please log into your DocTap acccount.

To ensure the fastest possible turnaround, your results and doctor's certificate will be emailed to you.  Our doctor's letters are on a DocTap headed document and include the signature and GMC number of our medical director. We have had very few requests for paper copies or stamps.

Should you require one of these then we can arrange it to be stamped or signed at one of our London clinics at no extra charge. If you require this please let us know once you have received your results.  Please allow an additional 24 hours to arrange printing and signing of your certificate.  We only have a limited number of London locations where you can collect a certificate from.  We will be able to advise you on your options depending on the day your results are available.

No. We are only able to issue doctor's certificates for tests which have been booked with DocTap. If you are in a hurry you can book a same day or 3 hour PCR test here and you will get a doctor's letter along with your results.

day 2 and 8

Currently all international arrivals to England are required to take 2 Covid-19 PCR tests during their 10 day quarantine period.  You can also optionally reduce your quarantine to 5 days with a DocTap Test to Release test with same day results.

If you are arriving from red list travel ban country then you will to have quarantine in a government approved hotel and take a postal test.  Otherwise you can take your Day 2 and 8 tests with DocTap.

For added flexibility we sell Day 2 and 8 tests separately at £79 each.  If you book them both at the same time you will pay £148.  For an additional £69 you can add on a next day Test to Release and / or outbound PCR test.  Or for £114 you could upgrade these to same day results. 

All our Day 2 & 8 tests are taken by a healthcare professional at one of our London test centres.  We do not do postal tests and use our own courier to transport samples to the laboratory.  All tests are covered by our Quarantine Guarantee to ensure that you don't have to spend a minute more self isolating than is legally required.

Your Day 2 test must be taken between day 0 and day 2 of quarantine (day 0 is the day you arrive in England).  Many people flying into Heathrow choose to have this test at our airport test centre on arrival.

Your second test must be taken on or after day 8 of arrival in the UK.

Example: If you arrived on Monday, your Day 2 test can be done on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  Your Day 8 can be done on or after the following Tuesday.  We would advise you do not delay your day 8 test as you are not allowed to end your 10 day quarantine unless you have received a negative Day 8 test result. 

We are aware how frustrating it would be to have to continue self isolating after the mandatory 10 day quarantine period because one or both of your tests was delayed or lost in the post. For this reason we only provide in person tests and only work with the fastest and most reliable laboratories.  This enables us to offer the following guarantees:

  • If your Test to Release results are not back by the advised time we will refund your fee in full and arrange a re-test free of charge.
  • Book a Day 2 and Test to Release test with DocTap, and if either result is not back by the advised Test to Release deadline we will refund the cost of your Test to Release and arrange an express re-test free of charge.
  • If your Day 8 test results are not back by the following evening (day 9) we shall arrange a free same day re-test the next morning so you can stop self isolating at the end of 10 day as normal.

test to release

Test to Release is a government scheme to enable people arriving in the UK to reduce the amount of time for which they must self isolate.  

Anyone who arrives in England from outside the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man needs to self-isolate for 10 days.  Under the Test to Release scheme, you can choose to pay for a private Covid-19 test after you have been in England for 5 full days.  We provide provide options with both same day and next day results.  If the test result is negative then you can stop self-isolating immediately.

For instance, if you arrive in the UK on Monday then Tuesday would be your first full day in the UK, and you cannot take the test for Saturday. 

If you require Test to Release, then please ensure that you select Test to Release as an appointment type on the booking page or it will not be accepted by the goverment.

Yes.  You can take a Test to Release on day 5 after arriving in England.  If your result it negative you can stop self isolating immediately.  DocTap provides Test to Release with same day results.  For details please visit our Test to Release page

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Please note that our provision of Covid-19 coronavirus tests does not impact on NHS test availability, instead, by providing the tests at competitive prices compared with other providers, our service aims to work as a helpful adjunct to the NHS by increasing testing options in the community. We also report all positive results to Public Health England, and this is obligatory.

Important note: where patients are taking a self swab they must do as directed in the instructions provided.  Failure to take a swab as directed, or to take a swab on behalf of someone else is a gross breach of the terms of this service.

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