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About Piles

Haemorrhoids or 'piles' are a common cause of rectal pain, itching and bleeding and can occur in any age group 

Symptoms of Piles

Itch with piles is not uncommon and some people may be able to feel a small swelling on the anus; bleeding is an alarming feature that may stain the paper on wiping or be mixed in with the stool - you should always consult your Dr if you notice blood in the stool as one of the more benign conditions that are treatable in general practice that we need to exclude is haemorrhoids 

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Piles are more common in the West and this is thought to be due to poor fibre intake resulting in constipation and persistent straining to pass stool

Piles are also more common in pregnant women 

You may want to try over the counter creams to treat this or your Dr may try prescribed medications like suppositories and/or stronger creams that contain a local anaesthetic to sooth the symptoms and a steroid to shrink the haemorrhoid  

If these more conservative measures do not help, a referral to a surgeon can be arranged to try to treat these issues operatively 

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