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Co-amoxiclav Fact Card

A combination of two antibiotics often used to treat more serious infections

Brand Names Augmentin
Used For Sinus, urine, skin, bone infections
Doseage Usually 1 tablet three times a day
Side Effects Serious side effects: Allergic reactions, severe diarrhoea or liver inflammation Common: Headache, nausea, itchy skin, vomiting, mild diarrhoea
Warnings Avoid if you have glandular fever
Pregnancy Not known to be harmful

Co-amoxiclav is an antibiotic that contains two different antibiotics (amoxicillin and clavulanic acid) that work together. 

What is Co-amoxiclav used to treat?

It is usually used to treat more complicated or serious bacterial infections including skin infection, urine infections, sinus infections, joint infections, kidney infections. 

How does Co-amoxiclav work?

The two ingredients in this antibiotic work together to kill bacteria and overcome some of the toxins that the bacteria can produce. Some bacteria are able to evade and survive when exposed to some antibiotics which is why in more serious infections this combination of two antibiotics might be used. 

co-amoxiclav alcohol

How do I take Co-amoxiclav?

The dosage required depends on the weight and age of the patient and whether they have any kidney or liver problems. In a middle aged health adult the usual dose is one tablet three times a day but this can be reduced in elderly patients and in patient whose kidney or liver function is reduced. 

While taking co-amoxiclav it is important to keep well hydrated and drink plenty of water. 

Side effects of Co-amoxiclav

Antibiotics can cause an allergic reaction and symptoms associated with an allergic reaction include: rash, fever, swelling of the face or mouth, difficulty breathing, and collapse. These are signs of a serious allergic reaction and you would need to seek help straight away. 

Is is also possible to develop serious diarrhoea due to taking co-amoxiclav - if you develop severe watery diarrhoea it is very important to let you doctor know straight away. 

Other common side effects include: thrush, nausea, vomiting, milder diarrhoea, itchy skin rash, dizziness and headaches. 

co-amoxiclav side effects

Things to avoid

Avoid taking this antibiotic if you have glandular fever. 

Co-amoxiclav and alcohol

It is usually recommended that you don't drink alcohol while taking antibiotics, but there is no know significant interaction between co-amoxiclav and alcohol. 

co-amoxiclav when pregnant

Can I take Co-amoxiclav when pregnant?

Co-amoxiclav is not known to be harmful to babies but it is still important that you tell your doctor if you are pregnant.

Co-amoxiclav and breastfeeding

Co-amoxiclav is not known to be harmful to babies but it is still important that you tell your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby.

co-amoxiclav when breastfeeding

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