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DocTap offer the best value and most extensive collection of private blood tests, urine tests and swabs in London. We offer over 1000 different tests, including many with same day results. One of our expert doctors will first discuss the problem with you. In many cases they can suggest the appropriate treatment straight away without the need for (and cost of) a test.

Having a Blood Test in London

If you think you may require a blood test or you are not feeling well then simply book an appointment online to see one of our expert doctors today.

Should a test be required then this will either be carried out during your appointment or at our partner testing laboratory in central London. This will depend on the test to be carried out and how much time the rest of the consulation has required. Your doctor will be able to advise in the appointment.

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How Long do Blood Test Results Take?

The exact time it takes to get your blood test results will depend on the test that you require. We offer some of the quickest results in London. To find out how long a particular test will take view our full test list or common blood profiles

Understanding Your Results

Blood tests are no use unless a doctor takes the time to properly analyse the results, explain to you what they mean and put in place an appropriate plan based on what has been discovered. Therefore, in addition to the price of the test, there will be a one off charge of £55 to cover taking the sample, analysis of the blood test results and an inclusive follow up appointment once the test results are back. The follow up can be at our clinic or in many cases over the telephone, whichever you prefer.

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I believe in only checking the laboratory tests that will be useful in your health ssessment. Lots of private clinics will encourage you to check a huge number of tests, many are of no value to you and some can mislead the clinician into ordering yet more unnecessary and expensive tests. We have worked with our laboratory partner to focus our profiles, stripping out the irrelevant tests and keeping the cost to you to a minimum.'

Dr. Mark Jopling, Clinical Director
Blood Tests

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