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About Ear Wax Removal

Please note that DocTap do not currently provide ear syringing or ear wax removal.

Ear wax, also known as cerumen, is a natural substance secreted in the ear canal. It helps lubricate , protect and keep the ear canal clean. In general, the ear is self - cleaning and should clear wax by itself. 

However sometimes a build up of wax can cause problems which require intervention. 

Ear wax build up

Symptoms of a build up of ear wax include:

  • a feeling of the ear(s) being blocked
  • ear discomfort
  • reduced hearing
  • itchiness in the ear
  • a discharge from the ear canal
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Some people naturally produce a lot of ear wax. If the wax is particularly hard and dry, it may be more difficult to self-clear. People with narrow ear canals may also be  more affected by wax build-up. Putting things such as ear buds and hair grips into the canal to remove wax can make the problem worse by pushing wax further into the canal. Hearing aids and ear plugs can also contribute to wax build up.

Please do not use ear buds to clean out the wax in your ear canals. They are not designed to be used in ear canals and using them could complicate the problem. 

You may be advised to use softening drops (such as olive oil or sodium bicarbonate ear drops) in your ears. 

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DocTap do not currently provide an ear syringing service.

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