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Counselling, Therapy & Mental Health. 50 minute in person consultations with certified counsellors - £69.

"Ideally you'd never have to see a doctor, but when you do, our job is to get you feeling better as quickly, safely and painlessly as possible - so that you can get on with what matters to you."

- Dr Mark Jopling, GP Clinical Director
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About DocTap

DocTap provides convenient, affordable and above all excellent private GP services from our 8 London clinics. Ideal if you are living, visiting or working in London and need to find a doctor nearby. Our GP appointments can be conducted in person, face to face or over the phone. For the safety of patients and doctors our clinics are regularly deep cleaned and all staff are equipped with PPE.

Should you require a blood test or sexual health screen, we offer the fastest and best value doctor led blood tests in London. Simply book a normal consulation and your doctor will discuss your options with you and carry out any appropriate tests.

We only employ highly experienced UK accredited general practitioners who have a passion for helping their patients, whatever their medical needs. When booking your GP appointment you are welcome to request either a male or female doctor if you prefer. Repeat patients can also choose to see the same doctor again where available.

Why should a private doctor cost a fortune? Most of our patients have never used private healthcare before in their lives. DocTap have 15 minute private GP appointments from just £49. There are no additional charges for writing prescriptions, sick notes or referral letters during the appointment. After your doctor's appointment you are sent detailed consultation notes which you may share with your NHS GP if you choose.

As a private GP practice you do not need to be registered with an NHS GP to use our doctors surgery. New patients are most welcome. If you are a tourist or foreign visitor you can book an appointment with a doctor now. No extra paperwork or registration is required. DocTap is regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

94% of the 19510 patients who have reviewed DocTap would recommend us to their friends and family.
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View all London clinics. Wherever in London you are, we aim to have a local GP surgery nearby. We currently have private doctor's surgeries in Bond Street, Victoria, Kings Cross & Euston, Canary Wharf, London Bridge, Clapham, Hammersmith and Liverpool Street & Bank with more clinics opening over the coming months.

At DocTap, our mission is to make convenient, affordable and above all excellent private GP appointments available to everyone. The NHS is an excellent service, but we understand that sometimes you need a bit more control over when and where you see a doctor. This is where we can help you. As a private GP London we can give you the treatment you need on your terms. Find a GP near me and book a doctors appointment online today.

We firmly believe that GP appointments are better off carried out face to face with a doctor wherever possible. However, we recognise that sometimes you're short of time and cannot get to a GP surgery. For that reason we also offer the option of telephone consultations for repeat patients.

Book GP Appointment Online from £49
GP Services

GP Services

Our General Practitioners can assist in a wide range of medical issues. In the vast majority of cases our doctors can recommend the appropriate treatment directly. And where they can't they can refer you to the appropriate specialist.


Your general practitioner will listen as you describe the problem, perform an examination where required, make their diagnosis, provide medical advice and then draw up a plan of action.

Referrals & Sick Notes

Referral letters, sick notes and other medical letters can be issued where appropriate. There is no charge for this service.

Why DocTap?

Why DocTap?

Great Doctors

All our private doctors are experienced members of the Royal College of General Practitioners. We constantly monitor patient feedback and consultation notes to ensure the highest standards of care.


We offer same day and last minute doctor's appointments. With 8 clinics across London, DocTap are your local GP wherever you are. Our goal is to get you feeling better as quickly and painlessly as possible. Book a doctors appointment online in seconds and start feeling better right away.


You will receive full notes following your GP appointment. You are free to take them to your NHS GP or any other health provider. But we'd love it if you chose us!

Value for Money

Prices start at £49 for a 15 minute consultation. There is no charge for writing prescriptions or sick notes. Our test and scanning prices are amongst the lowest available.



Rather than hand pick some favourable reviews from our friends and family, we believe it's more constructive to publish every review we receive.

94% would recommend DocTap
(19510 reviews)
GP Appointments from £49
How would you rate your doctor?
(10450 reviews)
How would you rate the booking process?
(10408 reviews)
How would you rate the premises?
(9942 reviews)
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Our Story

Our Story

DocTap was born out of the frustration I experienced when trying to see a GP for my chronic back pain from my time in the Armed Forces. Battling with GP receptionists was as tough as anything I’d faced in the army!

I was prepared to pay for the convenience of a private doctors but couldn't see myself checking in to an exclusive Harley Street private GP practice.

Unable to find what I was after, I decided to build it. 18 months later, and with much help from Mark (our GP clinical director) and Dan (our tech hero) DocTap opened its first private doctor's surgery in East London.

Our aspiration is to offer the most convenient, affordable and highest standard of GP care; to be the best private GP in London. I very much hope we’ll be able to assist you with your healthcare needs.

Alex Hamilton
Founder & CEO
Case Study

Case Study

GP Surgery review
Mike Chambers
IT Contractor

As a self-employed IT Contractor I often take client assignments several hundred miles away from home, taking time off to visit my local doctor would inevitably necessitate taking a day off work with the resulting loss of a day’s pay and the inconvenience of a 300-mile round trip should the appointment be mid-week.

Being a chronic asthmatic I know when a bad cold is about to progress to something more serious and time is if the essence in such circumstances to be prescribed medication, so it was important I got to a doctor quickly when in April 2017 I was experiencing laboured breathing with a chesty cough.

At a critical point in the project I was leading I couldn’t afford the time off to visit my local doctor so I searched the internet in the hope of being able to locate a local doctor to register with and perhaps see the next day or the day after.

Google quickly presented the ‘DocTap’ web site, the terms seemed too reasonable to resist. A participating doctor was within a mile of the office and appointment times were available in 30-mins intervals from an hour of my current logged in time.

I made a lunch time appointment that day, was seen promptly by a doctor who completed a thorough examination and prescribed medication which I picked up from an adjacent chemist. The medication promptly arrested the development of my condition and within 3-days I was back to normal.

The service was quite frankly unbelievable, to pick an appointment of my choice the very day I needed to see a doctor at a convenient location and at a price which was affordable is just such tremendous value for money.

I have no hesitation in recommending DocTap.



If you're still not quite sure if DocTap is right for you then please check out our FAQ below.


View all our London clinics. Look out for new clinics opening over the next few months.
We are open 7 days a week with appointments from 9:00am - 6:30pm, bookable the same day or up to a week in advance. Current availability of GP appointments is shown on the booking screen.
Our prices start at £49 for a 15 minute GP appointment. Check availability and prices online. Payment is taken at the time of booking.
Registering with GP at DocTap takes a matter of seconds. All we need is your name, gender and email address. Your doctor will ask for any other information they need during your consultation. Overseas visitors are most welcome. No additional documents are required.
We are currently unable to accept payment by health insurance but we advise you to check with your insurer as some may reimburse you for the cost of your consultation. Many insurers will cover blood tests or referrals arranged by DocTap. Please check with them for details.
Standard appointments are scheduled for 15 minutes which is typically sufficient for 1 normal problem. If you have multiple problems or a complex, long standing issue then please book a 30 minute appointment.
You are able to change your appointment time up to 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. To do so, simply log into your account and select "Change Time". If you booked an advance purchase appointment then there will be a £20 fee to change the time. For standard rate appointments there is no charge if you make the change at least 4 hours before your appointment start time. After that there will be a £20 change feel.
Discounted advance purchase appointments are non refundable. Standard rate appointments will be refunded in full if cancelled at least 4 hours before you appointment start time. No refund is available after this time. You can cancel you appointment by logging into your DocTap account.
Yes, many organsiations have accounts with us. Please get in touch to let us know your requirements and we will create an organisation account for you.
Yes, we treat people of all ages. We can also facilitate a referral to a pediatrician. We can only treat children for whom you have parental responsibility so please bring with you identification for both you and your child. We are unable to take blood samples from young children in the clinic. Should your child require a blood test then we shall arrange for them to attend the walk in clinic at our laboratory by Oxford Street.
We currently offer telephone but not video consultations. We recommend you book at a clinic if you feel an examination may be required. If the doctor cannot safely address your problem over the phone then they will advise you book a face to face appointment which will incur an additional charge.
There really isn't one. The price of your GP appointment includes any documents that your doctor can produce during the consultation, be that prescriptions, referral letters or sick notes. Occasionally the doctor may recommend some tests which do incur an additional charge but they are always optional. You'll see that we don't have an exclusive Harley Street address. Rather, our clinics are located across London within easy reach of tube stations. All our clinics have been inspected and approved by the Care Quality Commission. We look to run an efficient, automated operation and pass the savings on to you.

Our Doctors

No, but your GP will talk to you to find out your medical history at the beginning of your consultation. If you are on any regular medication it is helpful if you bring it with you.
We do not share your personal records unless you ask us to. You will be provided with with full notes by email after your consultation. If you are registered with an NHS GP then we recommend that you provide us with their email address and authorise us to send them a copy of your notes.
All DocTap doctors are UK accredited and are registered with the General Medical Council. We go to great lengths to screen every GP to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered. We collect regular patient feedback on all doctors and only use those that achieve outstanding satisfaction scores.
Yes, simply book online and specify the doctor you require when prompted. Please note that doing so may limit the availability of appointments so we advise you only do so if it is important to you. All our doctors are accustomed to dealing with sensitive issues for patients of any gender and you can be guaranted the utmost discretion.
Yes, simply make sure that you are logged in when booking your GP appointment online. You will then be able to specify any of your previous doctors that are down to work over the next few days. Please note that this may limit the availability of appointments so we advise you only do so if it is important to you. Please be assured that all our doctors are of the highest standard and they will be able to see your complete appointment history regardless of which doctor you saw.

Our Services

No. We can deal with medical problems that need attention on the same day but it is not an emergency service. In an emergency please dial 999.
We can offer many services traditionally provided by your NHS GP surgery. Our doctors can conduct examinations, make diagnoses, offer medical advice and issue private prescriptions. They can also issue sick notes, referral letters and event medical certificates. All the above are carried out free of charge (you would only pay for the cost of the medicine). On occasion your doctor may advise a blood test, urine test, stool test or swab test. Should you wish to proceed with these then they will incur an additional charge.
Prescriptions are issued at the discretion your doctor based on what they believe to be most appropriate for your condition. They can prescribe all medication normally prescribed by a general practitioner, including the pill. We do not prescribe controlled drugs. Prescription medicines
At present you do need to book an appointment with one of our doctors to obtain a prescription. We will be offering a repeat prescription service for repeat patients in the near future.
We can provide referral letters either for your NHS GP or for referral to a private specialist. Should you have private health insurance then they will accept a referral letter from DocTap. If you have been unwell we can also issue fit notes / sick notes and related letters for your employer or school. We are also able to provide certificates verifying fitness to participate in sporting or other events.
If you would like a medical checkup or have any issues that you would like to discuss with a GP then DocTap can certainly help in that regard. At this time we are not able to offer PCD, HGV or LGV medicals.
Unfortunately we do not currently provide vaccinations or injections.
No, unfortunately we currently do not do ear syringing.
Our doctors can clean a wound, check for any sign of infection and apply an appropriate dressing. Please note, we are unable to dress wounds over 5cm in length, deep wounds (any wound that requires packing), facial wounds, wounds on children or wounds with damage to nerves or tendons. For any of those we recommend you attend an Urgent Care Centre.
Our doctors can offer blood, urine, stool and swab tests. For other procedures they can refer you to an appropriate provider. Tests do carry an additional charge. You will always be made aware of this before you have to decide whether to go ahead with it or not. If the patient is a child then they will be referred to a specialist phlebotomist.

Regulation and Security

DocTap is a registered healthcare provider with the Care Quality Commission.
We use the latest security measures to protect your data. All data is transmitted over encrypted https. DocTap does not store any patient credit card details. All card processing is carried out via Stripe, a world leading PCI compliant specialist payment provider.
Your doctor will be able to see your notes for any previous appointments you have booked with DocTap.
DocTap CQC
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