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About Chalazion

A chalazion a swelling on the eyelid caused by blockage of a gland. The swelling is a fluid filled cyst and it is rarely harmful. 

What does a Chalazion feel like?

The first symptom most people notice is a swelling or lump which develops on an eyelid.

This can cause irritation and pain, and rarely can become infected where the eyelid then becomes becomes more swollen, red and painful.

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Chalazion is caused as a result of blockage of the meibomian glands. These glands make fluid help lubricate the eye and can become blocked.  The blockage results in a swelling and inflammation which over time can harden to form a lump which is called a chalazion.

Chalazion is more common in people who have the dry eyes, dry skin and dandruff. 

The treatment of chalazion depends on the severity of the symptoms and includes

  • Watchful treatment- which means no treatment as we now more than 50% of people with this condition get better without any treatment although this can take months 
  • Hot compresses and eyelid massage to help to ease the discomfort
  • Cleaning the eyelid to remove any grease 
  • In cases where there is eye infection alongside the chalazion; which is rare,  antibiotic eye drops or ointments can be used  
  • In cases of recurrent or persistent chalazion, a referral to an ophthalmologist to perform a small operation to release the contents of the cyst could be needed 

chalazion treatment

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