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Heart problems can present in many ways with minor symptoms like palpitations (which can be due to other medical issues like thyroid problems, anaemia or panic attacks), mild chest pain or increased shortness of breath on exertion to severe central chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea and clamminess which may be due to life threatening conditions like heart attack's and which should prompt an immediate 999 call.

There is often a family history of heart problems like issues with the valves or early furring of the arteries as well as other rarer conditions where the heart is unnaturally large so this is worth bearing in mind when speaking with your Doctor should you have any concerns.

Regular exercise, not smoking, limiting one's alcohol intake, reducing the risks of developing diabetes like maintaining a healthy weight, maintaining a good blood pressure and sticking to a good diet, with healthy fats, regular oily fish and which is high in vegetables will help to maintain heart health.

If however you suffer with palpitations or increased shortness of breath, chest pain or lightheadedness when you exert yourself, particularly if you have a family history of heart problems or other risk factors, you should make an appointment to see your doctor for review

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