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About Heart Palpitations

A 'palpitation' is the uncomfortable sense of feeling one's heart beating - they can occur at times of stress or anxiety or with certain medications or high caffeine intake.

The heart may be beating fast and regularly, it may be slow, thumping and strong or it may be beating irregularly.

What do heart palpitations feel like?

While most episodes of palpitations are not due to anything serious, a visit to your Doctor to discuss these is recommended; the frequency of the events, other symptoms that occur with them, common triggers and determining how long they last may all help to determine the most likely cause 

Most of the time palpitations are not due to issues with the heart and are benign in nature but if you get chest pain or episodes of fainting or collapse with the palpitations it is important to exclude an issue with your heart 

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Palpitations may be due to underlying thyroid problems, anaemia or even anxiety and a history from you Doctor as well as appropriate investigations may help to determine if these are contributory. 

An ECG can identify any obvious underlying problems with the hearts rhythm but other investigations like a 24 hour ECG or an ECHO (a 'jelly scan' of the beating heart), can also be employed as appropriate

Treatment is based on the cause; the correction of anaemia, initiation of medication for thyroid imbalance, counselling for anxiety issues or cardiac follow up, investigations and treatment if any issues are found with the heart 

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