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Joint pain has many causes, it can be related to exertion or injury, particularly if one is very active, or it may be due to 'wear and repair' as one ages, often the knee's and hands being affected most frequently by this type of arthritis (Osteoarthritis).

Gout is also a common cause for joint pain and is often related to diet, hydration and medications and is associated with marked pain in a red and very tender joint, most often the big toe.

It may also be due to an 'autoimmune condition' where the immune system is 'over active' and attacks the joints causing damage. Conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis, SLE and psoriatic arthritis are examples.

Joint pain can also occur with acute infection and any patient with a very hot, red, tender and swollen joint and feeling unwell with a high fever  requires an emergency assessment in A&E for a potentially infected joint

Investigations for the cause of your joint pain can be done at DocTap and these include history and examination, US/MRI scans and blood tests as well as arranging specialist referral 

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