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Mental health problems can be one of the most debilitating illnesses. Discussing the situation in confidence with one of our experienced private doctors is a good first step to getting things back on track. We also have a team of certified counsellors who specialise in helping patients cope with a range of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, and more.

Depression and Anxiety

Many patients suffer from anxiety, depression or panic attacks. For some it has been brought on by a particular life event but for others it is something that they battled with for much of their lives. Your GP will be able to offer advice on whether medication or psychological therapy will be right for you. Where necessary they can put you in touch with our in house counsellors.


Stress is a particularly common problem and no matter how resilient you are, sometimes the pressures of home life, work life, finances and health can become overwhelming. Our private general practitioners and counsellors can offer practical advice on coping with and mitigating stress. Should you require a sick note or medical letter then your GP will provide you with one at no extra charge.

I see nearly as many patients with mental health problems as I do physical ones, yet it is still a topic many people are afraid to talk about. You are not alone. Getting professional help could well be the best decision you ever make.

Dr. Sam Olatigbe


Our experienced private general practitioners can offer advice and assistance whatever form of addiction you are suffering from. DocTap doctors can help with any of the following:

  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Gambling addiction


For those looking to stop smoking, our doctors can prescribe medications and support to help you successfully quit. They also have experience helping with all sorts of problems relating to food, sex, pornography, shopping, work and the internet.

There is no simple solution to addictions but a good GP can support you, signpost you to the right specialist service and minimise the physical harm from your addiction.

Dr. Mark Jopling, Clinical Director

Please note that our doctors do not prescribe controlled drugs. If you believe that you require controlled drugs then we recommend that you contact your nearest NHS GP surgery to find out your local specialist service.

See a doctor about mental health
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