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About Bulimia

Bulimia is an eating disorder and classified as a mental health problem. 

Patients who suffer from Bulimia tend to go through times in which they feel compelled to eat large amounts of food and they usually do this in a short period of time. This is called binge eating. 

After this period patients tend to feel guilty about their weight gain or eating and they can either vomit, take laxatives or exaggerate in exercising to lose weight. 

Bulimia can affect men or women of any age. Most people who suffer from it will have a significant concern about losing weight and they tend to be very critical about their weight or body image. 

Because of this concern with weight they often feel tense and suffer mood swings. 

People can find themselves thinking about food quite a lot. 

Physically they might feel tired, vomiting commonly can make their throat hurt, they might feel bloated and also feel the urge to self harm. 

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No one really knows why people suffer from bulimia. 

We do know that it can be more common when there is a family history of eating disorder, alcohol or drug addiction or depression. 

People who generally suffer from weight problems and have been criticised for it are also at risk of developing eating disorders. 

Some people who tend to have anxious personality, to be a perfectionist or low self-esteem are also more at risk. 

Unfortunately, people who has been sexually abused, are also more at risk of developing eating disorders such as bulimia. 

People can fully recover from Bulimia. 

It is usually a process that takes time because requires an individualised treatment plan, depending on each person's needs. 

A big part of treatment relates to therapy, usually using CBT - Cognitive Behavioural treatment. 

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