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About Bowel Cancer

Colorectal or bowel cancer is among the most common forms of cancer in the UK, accounting for about 13% of all cancers diagnosed making it the third most common cause of cancer worldwide 

Bowel cancer is more common in people as they get older, with almost 85% of cases occurring in the over 60's with a slightly increased incidence among male patients 

Symptoms of Bowl Cancer

The symptoms of bowel cancer depend on which part of the bowel is affected but symptoms including rectal bleeding, a change in bowel habit (more-so a tendency toward looser stools), weight loss, abdominal pain or a lump that can be felt in the abdomen are all potential signs of bowel cancer

It s worth noting that these symptoms can be due to more benign causes also but should they present, a visit to your Dr is strongly encouraged 

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Below is a list that may contribute to causing bowel cancer:

  • Age
  • Being male
  • Diet high in processed meats and fat and low in fibre as well as
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Regular tobacco and alcohol use all increase the risks of bowel cancer

Other genetic causes have been identified for example do you have a family history of bowel cancer? As well as the increased risks with other medical problems like inflammatory bowel disease 

Avoiding the above triggers where possible is important as well as early presentation to your Doctor if there are any red flag symptoms like unexplained weight loss, persistent rectal bleeding and abdominal pain, a change in your normal bowel habit or any 'lumps' that you can feel in your stomach 

Treatment for his type of cancer is usually surgical with specialist follow-up for chemo-radiotherapy as indicated; the prognosis is variable but almost always better if diagnosed and treated early, hence the need to see your Dr if you have any concerning symptoms as early as possible

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