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"DocTap takes combines the immediacy of an online doctor with in person, face to face consultations in our London clinics. We love the convenience of an online GP, but evidence shows that in many cases, GP consultations can only be satisfactorily carried out in person."

- Dan Faber, Co Founder
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DocTap doctor's appointments can be booked online in seconds for any of our London GP clinics, right up until the last minute. Your GP consultation will then be carried out in person, face to face with one of our UK registered general practitioners. All our clinics are located adjacent to a pharmacy, so should you require any medication then you can collect it there and then.

Unlike an online doctor, our GPs can carry out full examinations if required. Equally, we all know how much easier it is to communicate in person than over a telephone or video call. For something as important as your health, nothing can beat the quality and safety of care that can be provided from a same day, in person consultation at a registered clinic.

Many of our patients come to us having first tried an online doctor and been told that they need to go and see a GP face to face. Equally, some of our doctors have previously worked for online doctors companies but were frustrated at frequently being unable to make sound, safe diagnoses. DocTap provides the best of both worlds. Immediate, same day GP appointments from locations across London, together with fully equiped clinics where our doctors are able to carry out rigorous medical examinations.

Book an appointment online from £49 and get seen right away at one of our London GP clinics:

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15 minute face to face consulations start from just £49. Unlike most online clinics, we do not charge extra for issuing you with a prescription, referral letter or sick note. These can be handed to you there and then by your doctor. Should you require any blood tests or investigations our doctors can also arrange these at some of the lowest prices available.

All our doctors are experienced, UK registered general practitioners. 15 minute, in person consultations ensure that your doctor has the time to really listen to and then clearly explain their findings. Once the appointment is complete you will be sent full consultation notes to remind your of what was discussed or to share with you NHS GP should you wish to.

Should you ever need to come back and see us again, our doctors will have full access to the notes from your previous appointment. This allows your doctor to start helping your get better right away, without you needing to waste time explaining your previous history.

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By all means check out a doctor online, but if you live or work near to one of our 8 London clinics, we wholehearted believe that we can provide you with the best package of convenience, quality of care and value for money. We'd be honoured if you'd give us a try.

The web is an amazing tool in healthcare; doctors can access all the latest research, guidelines and clinical debate, patients can learn about their health condition and can use platforms such as DocTap to effortlessly book appointments. But when it comes to understanding your problem, making a diagnosis and explaining the next steps, there is no substitute for meeting your doctor face to face.

Dr. Mark Jopling, Clinical Director
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