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Chlorphenamine (Piriton) Fact Card

Chlorphenamine is a quick acting, sedating antihistamine.

Brand Names Piriton
Used For Treatment of allergic reactions, allergic rashes, itchy skin and hayfever
Doseage Adults 4mg up to 6 times in 24 hours
Side Effects Sedating
Warnings Avoid taking with sedative medications or alcohol
Pregnancy Avoid unless your doctor recommends

Chlorphenamine is a type of antihistamine and belongs to the subclass of antihistamines known as "sedative antihistamines" as it commonly causes tiredness.

What is Chlorphenamine (Piriton) used to treat?

It is used for the relief of allergic symptoms such as hay fever, urticaria (skin rash), food and drug allergy and itchiness (for example the itch you get with chicken pox)

How does Chlorphenamine (Piriton) work?

Some people can produce an excessive amount of histamine, which is a chemical in the body, in response to triggers such as pollen, pet fur, nuts, shellfish or insect bites. When histamine is produced to excess, we experience allergic symptoms such as swelling, skin rashes, watery eyes, sneezing, congested nose or runny nose. 

chlorphenamine (piriton) alcohol

How do I take Chlorphenamine (Piriton)?

The recommended dose of Chlorphenamine in a healthy adult is 4 mg every 4-6 hours, maximum 6 doses in 24 hours. Children can take this medication too at a reduced dose. 

Side effects of Chlorphenamine (Piriton)

The most common side effects of this medication is blurred vision, dry mouth, tummy upset, headaches, difficulty passing urine and feeling drowsy or sleepy.

chlorphenamine (piriton) side effects

Things to avoid

It is important to avoid alcohol with this type of medication as it can cause excessive drowsiness

For similar reasons other sedative medications such as hypnotics or anxiolytics (eg Diazepam) should be avoided. 

Chlorphenamine (Piriton) and alcohol

Best to avoid taking with alcohol due to sedative effects in combination

chlorphenamine (piriton) when pregnant

Can I take Chlorphenamine (Piriton) when pregnant?

It is best to avoid taking this medication when pregnant. 

Chlorphenamine (Piriton) and breastfeeding

Manufacturers suggest avoiding Chlorphenamine as it will be present in breast milk in varying amounts, but it is not known to be harmful.

chlorphenamine (piriton) when breastfeeding

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