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Paracetamol Fact Card

Paracetamol can be bought over the counter to treat symptoms associated with viral illnesses eg. headaches, sore throats and fever, and it is a useful treatment for for any type of pain.

Brand Names Panadol, Mandanol, Paravict, Calpol
Used For mild to moderate pain, and fever
Doseage 1g up to 4 times per day in adults
Side Effects rashes and skin reactions (rare)
Warnings dangerous in overdose - causes liver damage
Pregnancy not known to be harmful

Paracetamol is a safe and effective treatment for mild-moderate pain and fever.

What is Paracetamol used to treat?

Paracetamol provides symptomatic relief in viral illnesses esp for headaches, sore throats and fever. It provides baseline pain relief for any type of pain. 

How does Paracetamol work?

Not fully understood.

paracetamol alcohol

How do I take Paracetamol?

The maximum daily dose in adults is 1 gram (2 x 500mg tablets) up to four times per day.

Side effects of Paracetamol

Rashes and skin reactions (rare), generally very safe. 

paracetamol side effects

Things to avoid

Avoid taking maximum stated dose, caution if any history of liver disease.

Paracetamol and alcohol

Not known to be harmful.

paracetamol when pregnant

Can I take Paracetamol when pregnant?

Not known to be harmful. 

Paracetamol and breastfeeding

Amount too small to be harmful.

paracetamol when breastfeeding

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