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Scans and Imaging

Scans and investigations can be incredibly useful in pin pointing what is causing your symptoms or to rule out serious diseases. Your doctor will need to ask you about your symptoms and your concerns and give you a thorough examination before deciding what type of investigation, if any, you may need. These can be booked for you in both face to face and telephone consultations, although in most cases a doctor would require a physical examination before booking a scan.

To keep your costs as low as possible we have identified certain centres which provide high quality imaging at very competitive prices.

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Types of Scans


An x-ray is a quick, cheap and valuable tool in investigating certain joint problems as well as chest complaints. Prices from £69.


These radiation free scans provide high definition imaging, perfect for investigating joint pains, headaches and a range of other complaints. Prices from £295.


These scans are ideal for investigating abdominal pains, gynaecological symptoms and most lumps (e.g. hernias, testicular lumps, neck lumps.) Prices from £140.

Doctors appointments from £49

We can arrange a full spectrum of investigations according to your needs. Some insurance companies require that you are seen by a specialist first and our doctors can easily arrange this.

DocTap is constantly looking to forge links with affordable providers of scans and investigations to make sure that you get high quality investigations at the best possible price.

Scans & Imaging

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Doctors Appointments from £49