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Headache is a common presentation but even with non-concerning signs and symptoms, the effects can be debilitating for the patient

Common causes of headache include tension headache and migraine; tension headache is associated with a tight feeling in the head or a sensation of pressure and is typically moderate in severity so one can normally perform their daily duties with over the counter medications

Migraine can be very severe, is usually located on one side of the head and is associated with nausea, intolerance of bright lights and loud noises with the person affected often wanting to take rest in a quiet and dark room as the symptoms can last all day and are severe enough that they are unable to work - Migraine is a treatable condition however so if you think you may be suffering with this, it is advised to see you Doctor for further advice.

There are many other causes of headache, from minor issues like sinusitis to issues like glaucoma which is associated with eye pain, or in older people, tenderness over the scalp that could suggest inflammation of the arteries in the temples, both of which would require more urgent r/v due to the risks to eyesight.

Very concerning symptoms of headache that would require emergency assessment include sudden 'thunderclap' headache (often compared to being hit in the back of the head with a cricket bat), headache with high fever, neck stiffness, inability to tolerate bright lights and new onset rash that does not fade with pressure and any headache associated with persistent vomiting, loss of consciousness, fitting, clear fluid coming from the nose or ears, deafness, new visual symptoms, poor coordination/limb weakness or drowsiness or increased irritability, particularly in an infant and particularly if this was following a head injury

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