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Our experienced general practitioners can assist with many men's health issues from testicular examinations, erectile dysfunction and general men's wellness screening.

Testicular examination

Lumps in your scrotum can be a sign of testicular cancer. The good news is that the vast majority of lumps are not cancerous and don't require any treatment. A quick examination will enable your doctor to decide whether your lump is harmless or whether you need an ultrasound scan to investigate it further. The scan can be arranged quickly and economically with the provider that we use. Caught early, testicular cancer can usually be completely cured.

Prostate Examination and PSA test

If your urine stream is poor or you are getting up more at night to pee then it is worth speaking to one of our doctors to find out whether you need a prostate examination. Most men with these symptoms have a non-cancerous condition caused by gradual expansion of their prostate gland. Our doctors are able to carry out a quick examination to get a better idea of what the problem may be. A blood test (PSA) can also be helpful. Prostate cancer is relatively common in older men so it is important not to ignore these symptoms.

If you have no symptoms but want to consider have a screening PSA blood test then come in and talk to one of our doctors first. This test isn't the right thing for all men, particularly if you are younger.

Dont ignore your symptoms. If you are worried then speak to a doctor and they can carry out the right examination and tests to put your mind at rest. DocTap doesnt have set 'medicals' because we want to always tailor our investigations to your specific symptoms or concerns.

Dr Mark Jopling, Clinical Director

Erectile dysfunction

This is a very common condition that many men are reluctant to talk about. Sometimes an erectile dysfunction blood test can be helpful in finding out the cause. The good news is that there is highly effective medication which a DocTap GP can prescribe if this is safe for you. Our doctors see many patients with this problem and can advise you on the best course of action.

Health Screening

Men over 50 are at higher risk of heart disease and certain other conditions. Come in to talk to a doctor to find out what testing might be worthwhile. The doctor can check your blood pressure check at the same time and carry out any other necessary examinations.

Younger men may want to talk through health screening. Rather than charge a set fee for this we would rather you speak with a doctor so they can tailor your examination and testing (if any) to your specific health needs and risks.

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