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All our doctors have done a broad range of training and are experienced and sensitive at dealing with women's health problems.


There are advantages and disadvantages with all contraceptive pills; some are better at controlling heavy periods, some are better for improving acne and some have small but significant risks of causing health problems. It is important to have a proper consultation with a DocTap GP to find the right option for you. Our doctors can prescribe from the full range of contraceptive pills ensuring that you receive the best medication to suit your needs. If you decide you want to have a contraceptive implant or coil fitted then your doctor can arrange a referral to an appropriately skilled specialist.


Whether you want to discuss treatment for menopause symptoms, bone health or contraception, our doctors will be able to guide you through the issues caused by the menopause hormone changes. If you need HRT or other medications then prescriptions can be provided. As always, prescriptions don't incur any extra charge. If required we are also able to conduct a Menopause profile to check whether you have gone through the menopause.

Breast Health

If you have found a breast lump or noticed any other changes it is vital that you see a GP for an assessment. Where needed, our doctors can arranged referrals for scans or consultant assessments to give you complete peace of mind. If you don't have any symptoms but you want to discuss breast screening then see one our GPs to talk through the best next steps.


All DocTap GPs have the skills to assess gynaecological problems and advise you on whether any further tests are needed.

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