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You may have been asked for a doctors letter or medical certificate from a sporting event, airline, workplace, college or other organisation. In many cases the NHS will not write medical letters and in any event, there is usually a wait and fee to pay.

Our doctors can issue same day doctors letters and medical certificates for a variety of cases. There is no additional charge for these. Simply book an appointment to see one of our doctors in one of our clinics, and once in consultation the doctor can organise this for you. See below for details of specific medical letters and certificates.

We strongly recommend that if your form is long or detailed that you email us to double check it's something we can help with to avoid any disappointment 

Please note that our doctors will not have access to your NHS medical history so will only be able to provide a doctors letter based on your presentation at the appointment. All forms must be in English or have an official English translation with them. We are not able to write medical letters to support benefits, insurance claims or write to local councils. Additionally we cannot fill in any driving related forms.

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