COVID-19 Antibody Tests

DocTap Covid-19 Coronavirus Antibody Tests

Covid-19 antibody tests can detect if you have had the infection in the past.  They do not test for current infection. Your symptoms must have fully cleared up for at least 14 days before we can carry out a Covid-19 antibody test.

DocTap provide both instant point of care tests and laboratory analysed tests from our 20+ clinic locations across London.   In both cases, a healthcare professional in PPE will take a blood sample for analysis.  We do not provide "self collection" tests as many patients find them uncomfortable or disconcerting and struggle to collect a satisfactory sample.

Covid-19 Antibody Instant Test (IgM & IgG)

IgM antibodies are the first antibodies which your body produces after exposure to the virus.  A positive IgM result is indicative of a recent SARS-CoV-2 infection. A few countries including China require a negative IgM test prior to entry into the country, but please check the latest government's travel advice prior to booking a test.

IgG antibodies are often produced a little later after infection and are typically of most interest as they have the potential to confer some degree of sustained immunity against reinfection.  However, Covid-19 is still a new disease and there is still much to learn, including how much immunity IgG antibodies provide and for how long after the initial infection. It is important to still follow Government advice on social distancing, even if you do have developed antibodies to the virus.

Covid-19 Antibody Laboratory Test (IgG only)

If you would prefer a laboratory antibody test then this can be taken by a doctor at one of our GP clinics.  The price is £45 plus the cost of your GP consultation (typically £49). You will receive your results by email in 2 to 3 days time.

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Covid-19 Antibody Tests

Test Price Results
Antibody Test (IgM & IgG) from £18 (+ GP consultation fee) 1 hour

Our Orient Gene Covid-19 IgM/IgG antibody test was used by Imperial College London in the largest Covid-19 seroprevalence population study in the world. A healthcare professional will take a blood sample. You will receive your results and doctor's certificate by email within 1 hour. Antibody tests check whether you have had the virus in the past, NOT whether you are currently infected. We can only do antibody tests 14+ days after all your symptoms have cleared up.

Antibody (IgG) Lab Test £45 + GP consultation fee 2-3 days

Should you prefer a Covid-19 test which is analysed in a laboratory then any of our GPs can take this for you.  Please select Laboratory Antibody Test on the booking page.  The GP consultation fee is payable on booking (typically £49) and the test itself (£45) will be payable in the consultation once you have discussed it with the doctor. Antibody tests check whether you have had the virus in the past, NOT whether you are currently infected. We can only do antibody tests 14+ days after all your symptoms have cleared up.

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Antibody Tests - FAQ


We are pleased to have the widest range and best priced Covid-19 tests of any London clinic.  Please visit the booking page for a full list of tests, prices and availability.  Some of our most popular tests are:

  • PCR Test (next day by midnight) - from £59
  • PCR Test (same day) - from £99
  • Antigen Test - from £29
  • Antibody Test - from £45

All tests are booked online here. Simply select Covid-19 Coronavirus Test / Fit to Fly.  Then choose the type of test which you require and it will show you all the clinic locations and times you can book. Different clinics offer different types of test, so you may wish to select a couple of different test types to find the most convenient location for you. PCR tests cost from £129 and point of care tests from £59. 

Should you require multiple tests for your trip then please book them all individually.  A £30 per test discount will automatically be applied to your 2nd and subsequent tests.

Our tests are carried out at one of our 10+ London clinics, staffed by healthcare professionals.  To select a location, simply visit the booking page and select Covid-19 Coronavirus Test / Fit to Fly.  Choose the type of test which you require and it will show you all the available clinic locations and times. Different clinics offer different types of test, so you may wish to select a couple of different test types to find the most convenient location for you.

You can change your test free of charge or cancel for a full refund so long as you have not yet taken the test.  We are not able to make changes or refunds after you have taken the test.  To change or cancel your test please log into your DocTap account. 

Please Note: Day 2 and Day 8 are mandatory tests and therefore non-refundable. However, we can change your appointment date/time/location if required.

Simply book a test for the first member of your party.  Then repeat the process for another test, but on the payment screen enter the details of the second person.  Repeat for any other members of your party.

If you have accidentally booked multiple tests for the same person then don't worry, you will receive an automated email checking that this is what you wanted.  To make a change simply reply to the email with the second person's details. Please ensure we have the correct details before you take your test.

test details and timings

Our tests are taken by a healthcare professional, however in some cases, you can perform a clinic-guided self-swab where applicable. PCR tests require a swab to be taken from the back of your throat and/or nose. Lateral flow tests require a swab from nose and/or throat. The testing procedure can be a little uncomfortable but should not hurt. 

No. We are only able to offer tests for patient who do not have symptoms of Covid-19. You will be asked to confirm this on booking.  If you have symptoms please book an NHS test.

When attending your appointment, please bring your booking reference number (in your confirmation email) and official, government-issue photo identification.  Your ID needs to match the name that the booking is under.

results and certificates

You will receive your doctor's letter as soon as your results are ready. This will include:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Passport / ID
  • The test type. For PCR this will be: SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) RT-PCR Test
  • The date and time that the swab sample was collected
  • Confirmation that the swab was taken by a healthcare professional
  • The result and date
  • Confirmation from a doctor of your Covid test result and any appropriate actions to take.
  • Doctor's signature and GMC number
  • DocTap contract details and logo

For PCR tests you will also receive a separate results certificate produced by the laboratory themselves. This includes:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport / ID (if provided and VAT is paid on booking)
  • Test type & methodology
  • Sample reference
  • Sample collected date
  • Reported date
  • Results
  • Details of the laboratory

Yes. Many countries require your passport number to be present on your test results certificate. You will be invited to enter your passport number or ID number on booking.  Alternatively, you can enter it at any time in your DocTap portal. It will then be shown on your test results certificate.

To ensure the fastest possible turnaround, your results and doctor's certificate will be emailed to you.  Our doctor's letters are on a DocTap headed document and include the signature and GMC number of our medical director. We have had very few requests for paper copies or stamps.

Should you require one of these then we can arrange it to be stamped or signed at one of our London clinics at no extra charge. If you require this please let us know once you have received your results.  Please allow an additional 24 hours to arrange printing and signing of your certificate.  We only have a limited number of London locations where you can collect a certificate from.  We will be able to advise you on your options depending on the day your results are available.

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