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Covid-19 PCR Swabs & Fitness to Travel Certificates (£129)

A number of airlines require passengers to produce evidence of a recent negative COVID-19 test prior to flying. DocTap can provide self swap COVID-19 PCR tests with results typically available within 72 hours. To ensure the fastest possible turnaround, patients can collect a self test kit by Oxford Street or Kings Cross and then drop it off by one of our partner’s laboratories, located within a 3 minute walk. We also have other sites across London where you can take your self swab and one of our couriers will deliver it directly to the laboratory for you. A full list of locations is shown on booking.

Full instructions on taking your sample and where to drop it off are included with your test kit. You will be emailed your results and fitness to travel certificate, typically within 72 hours of receipt of your sample, although we are not able to guarantee this. The total cost of this service is £129 per person.

Frequently asked questions about COVID-19 Fitness to Fly Tests & Certificates

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COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Antibody tests can detect if you have had the infection in the past. Your symptoms must have fully cleared up for at least 14 days before we can carry out this test. Antibody tests require a blood sample which will be taken by your doctor in the clinic. They will be able to advise on the most appropriate test for you also explain the implications of both a positive and negative result. We are pleased to offer the following Covid-19 antibody tests:

Abbott IgG Antibody Test (£45 + consultation fee)

Our gold standard antibody test is the Public Health England approved Abbott antibody test. This has demonstrated a specificity of 100% and sensitivity of 97.5% to SARS-CoV-2. Your sample will be sent to our partner laboratory in London for analysis by professional scientists. Results are typically available in 2-3 days.

SureScreen IgG / IgM Rapid Antibody Test (£18 + consultation fee)

Whilst no instant point of care antibody test has yet been endorsed by Public Health England, there is substantial evidence that point of care tests can be very effective at testing for COVID-19. DocTap has selected the SureScreen test which has been evaluated and publicly endorsed by St Thomas's Hospital in London, where Boris Johnson was treated. SureScreen is a UK company with nearly 25 years experience in medical diagnostics.

Your doctor will take a blood sample in your consultation and load it into the SureScreen cassette. Your results will be available within 10 minutes, during which time your doctor will be happy to discuss any other medical concerns you may have. You are welcome to take a photo of your test cassette for your records.

What do COVID-19 Antibody Test Results Mean?

A positive test result confirms that you have had COVID-19 in the past. It is not yet known whether the presence of antibodies confers immunity and if so, for how long. A negative test means that there are no detectable antibodies in your blood sample. This could be because you have not been infected, the infection was very mild or that your immune system had not produced antibodies to the virus at the time of testing.

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COVID-19 Fitness to Travel - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a fit to fly test / certification cost?

DocTap charge £129 per person for Covid-19 PCR test and fitness to fly assessment from a doctor.

How does a Covid Fit to Fly Test work with DocTap?

Our priority is to provide you with the fastest possible results in a safe manner. Therefore, patients collect their self test kit from one of 2 sites in Central London and then drop off their by the laboratory, no more than 3 minute walk away. You will receive full details on booking.

My airline requires a fitness to fly certificate or negative Covid-19 swab test within a specified time-frame of departure. How can I get this?

We would advise you to drop off your sample by the laboratory as early as possible, such that it is just within the time window required by your airline. For instance, if the test needs to be no more than 72 hours before your flight, then take a sample and deliver it to the lab exactly 72 hours before your flight.

You are welcome to collect your sample kit in advance and then only take the sample and deliver it to the lab at the exact time required. Samples can be dropped off at the laboratory by Kings Cross 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Instructions on how to collect your sample and return it to the lab are included in your self collection test kit.

Can I get a fit to fly certificate at a weekend or evening?

If you require a sample to be tested at the weekend or in the evening we recommend you book an appointment to collect your self test kit during working hours any time prior to the weekend or evening.  Then you can take your sample at home any time you wish and drop it off directly at the laboratory by Kings Cross which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Full details of where to take your sample are on your test kit.

What about my results?

You will receive your results and fitness to fly assessment by email.  Results are typically available within 72 hours from receipt of your sample at the laboratory, although we are not able to guarantee turnaround times and are not liable in the unlikely event that your results are delayed.

Where can I collect by sample kits?

Sample kits can be collected at the collection points shown on the booking page.  These are by Oxford Street, Kings Cross and Moorgate in London. You will find the address on the booking page and will be sent directions by email on booking.  Oxford Street and Kings Cross collection points are within a 3 minute walk of a lab site where you can drop off your sample.  At other sites our in house couriers will take your sample directly to the laboratory on your behalf. Details of the lab sites are included in your test kit.

Where do I take my samples?

There are 2 laboratory sites within 3 minutes walk of the sample collection locations by Oxford Street and Kings Cross.  For other collection points, our in house couriers will take your samples directly to the laboratory on your behalf. Full details of these are contained within your test kit.

What if I require tests for multiple people?

Simply book a test for the first member of your party. Then repeat the process for another test, but on the payment screen enter the details of the second person. Repeat for any other members of your party. Please note that every member of your party will need to attend in person to collect their test kits and present their photo identification.

Do I need access to a printer to have the test?

Yes. After making your booking you will be emailed a link to download your personalised test form. This needs to be printed off and included with the sample that you drop off at the lab. Unfortunately we are not able to perform this test if you are unable to print off your test form.

What information will be on my fitness to fly assessment?

You will be emailed a copy of your fitness to fly assessment, together with your lab results report. View a sample fitness to fly assessment.pdf

What dates will be shown on my fitness to fly assessment?

Your fitness to fly assessment will show the date and time at which the sample was taken.  It will also show the date at which DocTap reviewed your results and wrote your fitness to fly assessment. We are unable to modify lab report dates.  If you wish us not to prepare your report until a certain date then please let us know after submitting in your sample.  Should your results be positive we shall of course notify you right away as you would be required to self isolate immediately.

Can I collect my sample kit in advance of dropping it off at the lab?

Yes. Simply book an appointment for when you would like to pick up your test kit. You are welcome to actually take the sample and drop it off a the lab several days later. The laboratory by Kings Cross is open 24/7 which is useful if you wish to drop it off as soon as is permissible by your airline.

What identification do I need?

Please bring your printed test form and photo identification with you when you collect your test kit. You ID needs to match the name on the form.  Every member of your party needs to be present with their own ID to collect their test kit. 

Can I get a certificate without a test?

No. We are only able to issue you with a fitness to fly assessment if you have a Covid-19 PCR test booked with DocTap.

Please can you advise me on the Covid-19 policy for my particular airline?

Different airlines have different policies and they are changing frequently. Unfortunately we do not know the specific requirements of each airline. Please contact your airline for details of their particular requirements.

My airline requires my fitness to fly assessment to be stamped and/or signed.

To ensure the fastest possible turnaround, your results and fitness to fly assessment will be emailed to you. These are on a DocTap headed document and include the signature and GMC number of our medical director. We have had very few requests for paper copies or stamps. Should you require one of these then we can arrange it to be stamped or signed at one of our London clinics at no extra charge. However, this will add to the turnaround time. If you require this please drop us an email after your results are back to arrange a location to have it certified.

Who will take my test?

For safety purposes, our tests are self collection PCR swabs. You will not meet with a member of clinical staff. You will collect a self test kit from one of our pickup locations across London.. The kit includes full instructions on how to take your test and where to return your sample.

What type of test is it?

Our fitness to fly assessment test is a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) PCR swab. We are not aware of any airlines which are requesting passengers have any other type of test.

Important note: patients must complete the self swab as directed in the instructions inside the test kit.  Failure to take a swab as directed, or to take a swab on behalf of someone else is a gross breach of the terms of this service.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Testing UK

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